Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sticks and Boats

I was working on this little number today while Watson took a rare afternoon nap. As soon as we came home from a pre-dinner walk, Watson went bananas, running around the yard like a greyhound. I let him do his thing, because the more tired he gets, the better! As soon as he plopped down he started chewing on a stick and got a piece of it lodged in between his teeth across the roof of his mouth. He was freaking out, and I tried so hard to dig it out with no luck. I started running around door to door frantically looking for an available dog-friendly neighbor. A heroic neighbor came to the rescue and quickly dislodged the bloody stick. Oddly enough, Watson got a big scrape next to his eye yesterday and that same man was the one to clean it with hydrogen peroxide. I feel very lucky to have awesome neighbors.

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