Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poster Art.

Last summer and fall I had the opportunity to create two posters for a band fronted by Seattle songstress Lorrie Ruiz, performing a concert of Bjork odes. I'm a lover of the paintbrush (and not so computer savvy) so I created these visual and informative works of art completely by hand. I'm so inspired by music so these were a great opportunity for me to collaborate with some of my favorite musicians.

Take Two.

I'm working on a summer collection featuring everyone's favorites of late- color, geometry, and animals! This winter I painted a series of 10 animals that sold too soon! Just kidding... but I really loved these portraits and am going to use some of the same models for my new collection. Stay tuned to see how I remake these two beauties. 

"King Cobra" 8"x8" acrylic
"Barn Owl" 8"x8" acrylic