Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buffalo down

I worked on this "Tree of Life" mini chair today, for one of my favorite Seattle families. My first "major" children's room mural was for an adorable little girl who now has a baby sister (see the Africa safari mural on my website for those pics). I painted a chair for this cutie-pie last year, and now the little one is getting her own. The two chairs have different seat artwork, but similar styling elements
so that they'll go together (ie checks and polka dots on edges, sanding corners down to original red paint- all still to come). I included the family's yellow lab and their aunt's cat. The cat is only 1.5" head to tail! I remember when painting that small was easy and now it's almost impossible.
Meanwhile, Watson held an anti-Earth Day celebration by de-horning his buffalo. That's the first toy his daddy bought for him, so it's pretty sentimental to us.

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